hugo-resume fix some css

It feels good to fix the theme I use for the blog, I give back to a tool I will use for some time hopefully :)

The problem was that when looking at blog post with full resolution on my laptop, it displayed nicely. But when viewing it with smartphone resolution, it looked like this:

blog post with text overflowing

After some duckduckgoing, I stumbled upon box-sizing: border-box, an element I have not used before.I went to MDN to see what is was MDN page on box-sizing, then looked around if it could be that element tripping me up.

But according to that doc, because the CSS used border-box instead of content-box, my content should have behaved nicely and not overflowing.

After more time looking around, a StackOverflow response once again saved the day. When using border-box on a container, you have to set the width on the inner child.

I added width: 100% on the inner child, and “voila”:

blog post with text overflowing

Project link:

Nifty tech tag lists from Wouter Beeftink