Open Invite

October 17, 2020

I enjoy programming, fencing (especially sabre), history and sustainable development.

Open invite. If you want to talk about any of those subject, or if you are looking for help solving a problem, feel free to reach out to me and let’s have a chat, I want to talk to you. Email me at

Doing so, I follow the steps of patio11, Lars and Hillel (and probably more people I am not aware of). More than one time I was wondering if I could bother someone to exchange about a piece they wrote but I could not muster the courage. These guys make it very clear that you are welcome to reach out to them and it is awesome.

  • I like getting email. I can’t promess you I’ll reply quickly, nor that I will reply at all but I usually read all of my mail. If I don’t respond in a timely manner, don’t hesitate to send me another mail

  • I like a good discussion. I like people challenging me, telling me about things I did not know, challenging them back and exchanging ideas.

  • I like sharing experiences. The nicest (software related) interactions I had in the past are usually having a experienced peer help me grow, or me helping a less-experienced peer get on the right track to solve their problem. If you like that kind of exchange, talk to me!

  • I like programming and software. This is even more true lately when I have to deal with something related to:

    • Lisp (I’m a bit familiar with Common Lisp and Clojure but anything Lisp-related I’m interested)
    • Functionnal programming
    • Meta-programming
    • Esoteric programming languages (see Piet, brainfuck, J…)
    • Datalog (or query-language or database that are not mainstream but with a good foundation)
    • Type System and good/clever use of them

Something you can help me with:

  • I you see anything wrong with this website, please let me know!
  • If you want to react to anything I wrote on a post, please let me know!
  • I’m always interested to hear about new essays or papers on software engineering. If you have wrote one, or found one and you’d like to share, please let me know!

And also:

  • I don’t like social media Most of the time I would not want to have a nice exchange on a social media.

  • This is not an invite for recruiters That’s why Linkedin exists.

  • I don’t like phone call If you want to speak to me by phone, marry a Rousé.

If you have questions, suggestions or want to discuss about this subject, I'd be more than happy if you reach me at See also my open invite
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