Emacs again

May 15, 2021


Since the start of January, I am trying to switch back to Emacs!

Here are some modes (packages/plugins in Emacs lingo) that I want to try.


I am really drawn out to Org Mode, a major mode (a mode is a plugin in Emacs) to help with todo-lists, planning, agendas, literate programming and a lot more!

I used it in the past with various success, but because I could not use Emacs at work. I stopped using Emacs altogether to stop switching between editor. I had settled for the Foam plugin for VSCode, which offers some nices todo-list capabilities, an also a good base for growing a knowledge base in the Zettelkasten way.

Since then, an extension for org-mode appeared: org-roam, wich looks like a serious contender I would like to try.

(And actually this post is written with org-mode, and exported to Markdown with ox-pandoc, an extension to use the magnificent pandoc to export org files to various format.)


This one is totally new to me, a porcelain for Git really well integrated in Emacs.

I have heard a lot of good things on Magit, so it is on my lists of packages to try!


lsp-mode add support for language server protocol in Emacs. I think this idea came originally from Microsoft/VSCode to simplify the development of tooling for new language and editors. This looks nice and should allow to have a good experience for most programming language.

Additionally, there is some integration with popular packages like Helm, Ivy and other as well so it might help me to discover new packages.

eglot also add support for lsp in Emacs, but looks less complete at first glance.

Other packages that look promising

And some less well known packages:


docker.el is unsurprinsigly a mode to work with Docker container in Emacs.


kubel is a package for managing Kubernetes cluster.

I discovered it while watching this very very good video: Conquering Kubernetes with Emacs


I am back in Emacs land, so much to (re)discover.

And if you never heard of org-mode before (or Emacs), make yourself a favor and go try it for yourself. It is such a different experience that you will learn something for sure.

If you have questions, suggestions or want to discuss about this subject, I'd be more than happy if you reach me at conta-remove-ct@julienrouse.com. See also my open invite
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